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  • I'm wondering how other moms deal with having to work when they want to stay home? I don't have the option to be a stay at home mom; I go back to work in two weeks and I have already started crying about it. When I left my first to go back to work I cried

    Answered on 21st November 2011:

    My first day back to work after my second was worse than it was going back to work after my first. I have never felt so upset, but with each day it got easier and easier and now after a year and a half I'm OK with having to work. I wanted to stay home, but financially it's just not an option. After 9 months I asked my boss who had previously said my hours couldn't be changed if I could change them. So now I work 35 hours instead of 40 and get out at 3 instead of 4. The extra hour really helps. Some days I still get sad about having to work, but I like the fact that becasue I work my husband doesn't have to work nights or weekends so we can spend more time as a family. I also find if I get blue about being a working mom more when I don't get enough sleep. And I'm not afraid of using my vacation and personal time to break up the week's so I feel like I'm home more.

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  • Are your mother and/or mother-in-law supportive of you working?

    Answered on 19th October 2009:

    My mother is so supportive. She thinks it' good for woman to have a goodjob and she knows it takes two to work now a days. She was a house wife and cleaned houses when we were younger and she wanted to make sure I didn't end up doing a job I hated. My mother in law never really has said anything, but she doesn't have to. I can tell she thinks people who stay home are better, but I told her once that I would stay home in a heart beat if her son could afford to, but he can't so I have to work. I'm out at 3, I don't touch work at home or the weekends and my job is fulfulling and easy. So I think I have a good balance going.

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