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  • Contest: What's your favorite family tradition during the holidays? (Answer for a chance to win this great necklace--details are here!)

    Answered on 12th December 2007:

    There are two. First, everyone gets a new pair of PJs on Christmas Eve so that we can all wake up in new duds to open up our gifts. The other was started by friends of my family who we spent Christmas Eve with for several years. We'd party all night, eat and chat and mingle until right around midnight. Near midnight everyone would gather around a giant Christmas tree outside and link arms. The tree would already be set up with holiday lights. At midnight, the lights would go on, we'd sing silent night and we'd pass around a ribbon, each of a different color, to hang on the tree for family members who had passed away. I don't think I appreciated how beautiful a gesture it was then but it moves me to tears sometimes now when I think how nice those Christmas Eves were.

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  • What's the one thing you'd like to have more of in your life right now?

    Answered on 7th November 2007:

    Time. I know that's probably a popular answer but my daughter is so young and changing so much that I would give anything to have more time to spend with her.

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