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About me:
I'm a new mom who discovered the blogosphere and the amazing world of online communities via late night breastfeeding sessions. This discovery also led to rekindling my desire to write more. So here I am, WOHM by day and freelance wannabe by night.
My interests:
In no particular order...movies, movies, movies, music, dancing, the ocean, knitting, embroidery, yoga, wine, good, really good food, magazines and bookstores, shopping, reading, travel...
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
A nice hot yoga class or being home with my hubby and my little girl
Best advice I've gotten:
Be in the moment. When you're at work, be there 100% so that when you're home you can be there 100%.
Adjective to describe me:
Fiesty (which happens to look a lot like Fiesta...hehehe)
My favorite book:
My Sister's Keeper
My favorite movie:
Almost Famous

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