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  • Hey there. Sorry you're stressed today. Does the weekend make it better or worse?

    At least you got your task donw. Yay You!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimberly on 19th October 2007

  • Nataly, Thank you SO much for coming to speak at Mom's Coffee Break!!! I hope that you can destress a bit and go on to have a FABULOUS weekend. Remember take it one step at a time and don't forget to schedule in some fun for yourself!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tonya Ramsey on 19th October 2007

  • Hope you're Friday is brightening as it goes on. And that it's a stress-free weekend!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 19th October 2007

  • Nataly,
    You were fabulous at Coach Tonya's chat today. Thanks. Hope you start feeling better now that it is over. :D

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Ginger Marks on 19th October 2007

  • Hi Nataly! Thank you for the warm welcome! I've been poking around all day and am really enjoying the site so far. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone - if there's any way that I can help out, just give me a shout! Warmly, Jenn

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenn_Givler on 17th October 2007

  • Nataly, Thanks for everything you've achieved. It is a wonderful resource. I'm sorry to say I do not understand how to leave a link to my Note, which I hoped to enter in the contest. If possible, could you explain? Thanks, Christine

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by NewStartMom on 11th October 2007

  • Hi Nataly :-) Thanks for the message!

    This is a great network, I'm still finding my way around because there is so much to see.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 10th October 2007

  • Nataly, What an awesome site. Just found it today. I look forward to being able to spend more time reading through it. There are tons of nooks and crannies filled with amazing and useful information. :-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SpokaneMama on 9th October 2007

  • Nataly, thanks for the warm welcome to your awesome website! I've enjoyed it so far and look forward to seeing you around. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by holli jo on 8th October 2007

  • Nataly ~
    You are so right about creams. I think, I was thinking about something to sooth through the night as one lies awake, more than when you're getting ready in the morning. I should have written it that way. I do all kinds of things to try and relax when I have trouble sleeping.

    Thank you for the welcome. I actually haven't been here much since I joined Work It Mom. I was having some trouble at first with signing in and such. I also, have wondered if I really had much to offer, because my children are grown and I have not been working in my field for several years. But, I have decided to stay because I am am potentially looking at the possibility of a new job soon, which may offer more of a career life for me. Also, I have much experience in dealing with and managing various levels of stress in life, due to a depressive disorder I have coped with off and on throughout my life.

    By the way, I was trying to reset my password and it didn't work for me. The cursor would not flash on either the "New Password" line, or the "New Password Again" line. I know this may not be the place to ask, but do you have any suggestions?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tracy on 6th October 2007

  • Thanks for posting a comment to me, Nataly. I'm still debating whether I really have time to devote to an online community (I feel like I barely have time to devote to my physical one). Let me know if you need any tips on Boston - I've lived here forever. Best, Julie

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 30th September 2007

  • I still am in total lust with my elliptical, it's just the side effect of up'ing my workout routine today to level 2 *gasp* (yes I know I'm a wimp LOL!) and feeling as if I had just gotten run over by a garbage truck. A garbage truck full of a semi-truck, full of bricks...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Tattooed Mommie on 26th September 2007