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  • Thanks for the comment, Nataly! (Driving in downtown is scary in ANY big city, I think!) You're doing a fantastic job with WorkIt, Mom! I love the site and just wish I had more time to come over here to play with all these great women! I wish you mountains of success with this.

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  • Hi, I've got older kids age 14 and 19 so I'm really trying to find myself and what to do now that I am 50 yrs old-I am wanting to get out of the corpoarate world and want to use my sales skills to develop my own nitch -everything changes when you are in your 40's and your goals and introspection cause a state of flux balancing family with personal goals-I'd love to hear from others who are going thru this.

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  • Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It's not often that you find personal welcome messages (not the Thank you, [insert screen name here] type) on sites. I randomly clicked a few links and fell into Work It, Mom! and so far I'm very happy I did!

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  • Thanks so much. A co-worker introduced me to your site (which I promptly added to my favorites). What a fantastic idea you had!! Moms supporting Moms whether your work or stay at home. Keep up the good work!

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  • I still haven't had time to finish yesterday's paper but as soon as I saw your interview I logged in and had to check out the site. LOVE IT. So glad it's here and I'm looking forward to getting through the whole thing. I hope you're enjoying Newton and that you get a chance to find some of the good, inexpensive and kid-friendly eateries there. And that you get to the Franklin Park Zoo. It's my get-away when I need to get these girls out for several hours and we can wander and I don't have to think about work! Thanks for the great site. ~mandy

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  • Hi Nataly,
    I saw an article in today's Globe about you and your website. I have a 3 year old daughter and I also work full time for a hedge fund in Boston. I could completely relate to many of your comments in the article (specifically the lack of sleep - given I do quite a lot of my work between the hours of 9 and 12, after my daughter is asleep). Since I work in a fairly male dominated industry - I sometimes feel very alone in the "balancing" act that I face. I look forward to logging onto your website - to see that I am not alone and that are some other "balancers" out there at 11pm desperately working away......

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  • Hi Nataly,
    Great idea for a website. I, too am an entrepreneur and looking for ways to network and market my website Our swimwear is perfect for all parents who want to make sure their little ones are protected from the sun. Do you have any marketing ideas?
    Thank you
    Rose Mendonca
    Dunstable, MA

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  • Thanks for the nice welcome Nataly. This is a terrific idea (wish I'd have thought of it).

    Wondering if you've had any experience with working Mom's who have disabled children? My oldest son is autistic and though I have some terrific networks, very few Mom's I meet also work out of the home.

    Best, Jenni

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  • Thanks for this website! I'm a mother of a 15 month old and have a baby on the way. I work full time for a corporation and practice law on the side. (Although the law practice has taken a back seat to my toddler's time lately.) Nice to know that there are other busy women out there that can relate to the work-life balance issues that I'm experiencing lately.

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  • Thanks for stopping by Nataly and THANK YOU for work it! mom. It has already been a help to me for emotional support..I'm a single mom (my 16mth old daughter's father lives in London & has at times been truly awful and the rest of the time just annoying, so it's been a bit of a stressful path -- however my daughter is beautiful, sweet, smart & short, delicious! so the struggle is worth it.. and my job is stressful and income not secure to add to the mix. My hat's off to you for having a great idea and following through with it!

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  • Oh my, I took a total of 30 minutes to sign up, find you again and try to use this account like my regular blog. Sheeew I am exhausted but I would not quit until I had a chance to say...Saving 10 minutes was a great article and you (along with Elizabeth from, Genbetween and Career and Kids) encouraged me to sign up for Wrok It Mom.

    I am still "getting my feet wet" on Work It Mom. While attempting to comment on your piece or even link to something on the same lines I sort of submitted an article. If they approve it that would be wonderful but if not you can read it here.... am a big fan of saving time! Loved your article!

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  • congratz on your site..its awsome ..I love it already and i just signed up today!

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