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  • Hi Nataly
    Congrats on a great site! I've been balancing work/family for the past ten years as an advertising sales executive. I recently lost my job in April and decided to take a few months off to be a full time stay at home mom. As I look to make my way back into the workforce, I'm amazed at the lack of support for working moms. I had flexibility since my son was born in 1996 but now as I look to start a new opportunity, I feel there is a lack of reception to my need balance. The irony is that I've spent 15 years working at parenting magazines and they are the ones that refuse to offer flexibility. One magazine that didn't offer me flexibility has the tag line "the magazine where family comes first". While society says we've come a long way - the publishing industry is still stuck in the world where moms need to chose between work and family instead of blending. I'm not discouraged, I know I will find the right opportunity - I'm just surprised with what I'm up against. Thanks for giving me the forum to get this out.

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  • Hi great site. I am yet to get through all of it as I am very busy at the moment but come back and work my way through. I am a work at home mum who runs a business online and I am from Australia.

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  • Thanks, Florinda - it appeared in the Boston Globe, actually (her article) with a too-big photo of me:) (The photographer was here for over an hour - I felt like a VERY minor celebrity!)

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  • Nataly - just wanted to congratulate you for being featured in today's "Brazen Careerist" post! Penelope Trunk mentions you as a great example of someone with a dream job.

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  • Hi, Nataly! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I found your site through a blog entry written by the fabulous Mir, and I had to join immediately. You're doing something really great with Work It, Mom! Thank you! -- Lylah

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  • Nataly, Thank you for the positive feedback on my article. It's really exciting to get positive feedback. I found you and this site thru the Huffington Post blog feed and I am glad I did. I have already made a friend or two and I enjoy contributing to the articles section. I am no professional but I am trying to develop myself, because writing is my dream and I found it late in life. Thanks again and Work It Mom! is great and will keep getting better. It is getting a lot of attention it seems and rightfully so. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance. PEACE!

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  • Thank you for the welcome and the adive. I will check the page out.

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  • Hi, rocrebelgranny! You've got it - thanks for joining and great to have you!

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  • Dropping in to say hello (and making sure I've figured all this out).

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  • Nataly,
    I would love feedback from another Mom on my books. Perfect for your little one 4 years are usually my biggest fans! Please log on to my web page to go dircetly to the link. You can get a good sense of my books by using the search inside feature. Take care

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  • I will never forget the day I found the book. My daughter had not slept in something like 10 hours, was crying all day, I was totally losing it - she was about 2 months old at the time. When my husband got home from work, I handed her to him and silently walked out, went to the closest Barnes & Noble, to the books on caring for kids area, and picked up the first book I saw. Thankfully, it was the Weissbluth one and it saved our life! (I do a lot of my work at night after my daughter is asleep and not sure what I would do if she did not have a schedule!)

    Reported Posted by Nataly on 12th April 2007

  • Hi! I love the Dr. Weisbluth book too!! We have a very strict sleep schedule here as well, but it works!

    Reported Posted by Sara on 12th April 2007