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fitness, entrepreneur, green living, small business owner, online marketer, business consultant, networking coach, wellness enthusiast, yoga booty
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Hello and THANKS for stopping by. My name is Edie McRae. I'm a wife, mother, nurse, fitness coach and entrepreneur all in one! Considering that I am a nurse by education, I NEVER thought I would say this... but--I'm RETIRED at 32!!! I've got 2 little boys and a husband that are my world! When my youngest was born a preemie, our world changed dramatically. After his 3 month stay in NICU, I made a tough decision to stay home and care for him fill time. Increasing DEBT lead me on a search for solutions. My answer came in a totally unexpected way through an opportunity to take back my life and have something of my OWN--a REAL business from home. I KNOW what you're thinking...she's NUTS or she's FULL OF IT. I felt the SAME way...especially when my first SEVERAL attempts to earn income from home FAILED! But, I don't give up and I literally BACKED INTO the SECRETS about this home business industry that your "upline", "support team", "mentor" etc. will not share with you. And it's NOT because they don't want you to know. It is most likely because they themselves do not know! Thank goodness I wasn't too discouraged or too jaded to listen and that is why I have chosen to share my knowledge with ANY entrepreneur in ANY business with a strong desire to become a true PROFESSIONAL in this industry. For the past 5 1/2 years, I've been home EVERY day to watch my boys grow. We're blessed to have 2 healthy and happy little boys who love trucks, mud and noise! I've been fortunate to understand the need for multiple streams of income and feel so blessed to be mentored by 6 and 7 figure income earners as I take this journey! How many people can say that they LOVE what they do??? I can! We're SURVIVORS of Hurricane Katrina who've made a new start from scratch (literally) here in Texas. Thanks to the extra income I was able to generate from home, we were able to take CASH from the bank and begin again from the ground up WITHOUT incurring new debt. That is an AWESOME feeling. Never seen pics from those who LIVED through it??? Take a look at ours: www.picturetrail.com/mcraefamily1 This was a REALITY check for us all. I'm passionate about helping families become healthier, happier and wealthier too! I am able to make a difference in the world--and you can too. My gift to you is a FREE 1/2 Hour consultation via phone. If you are not absolutely certain that I have what YOU need to be successful, then we won't speak again. It's that simple! This consult will be about assessing your strengths, weaknesses, needs and skills in order to map out a plan for your success. Put me to the test! You deserve to have the FREEDOM TO WIN! Warmly, Edie
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Yoga Booty, Turbo Jam, Pilates, Swimming, Scrap-Booking, Music, Networking
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A LONG hot bath!
Best advice I've gotten:
Put FAMILY First and the rest takes care of itself!
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TOO many good ones to choose from!
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Facing the Giants

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