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  • Help I am a mom going back to work full time, switching roles with the hubby, going to be primary breadwinner etc. I am feeling excited, hopeful, relieved, overwhelmed, resentful, guilty, etc. I am looking for solid tips for division of household labor,

    Answered on 21st July 2010:

    Congratulations on obtaining your dream job. There's nothing to fear but the fear itself. Did you know in other cultures, I've seen where the mom works and the dad actually looks out for his children. But we must always be reminded that the working parent must (always) be an active participant in family endeavors. Time Management should rank high on your priority list, for example. Rather than stopping off at the super market or home depot, target before going home from work, go home first pick up the child(ren) to do the shopping with you. Dad should have them ready for pickup. Try to zero in on their issues and have a healthy focused discussion where they are the center. So much can be accomplished in this small window of opportunity to further bond and communicate with your beloved child(ren). And you can learn so much in the process. This will give Dad an opportunity to take his half hour to an hour mental/emotional vacation break. He too must use his time wisely and productively, but the choice of how he uses his time positively is for him to make. If he's home with the child(ren), he may need his time away with his friends or associates and a nap is always recommended. Off the top of my head: If possible, cook for the entire week. I used to do it on Sundays starting at 9 am, finishing up around 1 PM (the more of a variety you want, the more time it will take) Eating out should not be a first option. Actually it takes more time to get dressed and prepared to go to the resturant, sit down, wait for your food to come, pay the check for who knows how many people, travel back home, etc. Just take the time and energy used and multiply it be 52 weeks. It's exhausting and quite a strain on the pocketbook. I have found that using my bank card for all my purchases, no matter how big or small really helps during tax season. I no longer worried about receipts as everything is documented on my bank statements, which comes in handy during the budget and financial planning part of your new work life. Sincerely, Fungsquai

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