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entrepreneur, married, job seeker, web developer and designer
About me:
I graduated in Graphic Arts several years ago. Later I discovered that my real passion is the web. I've been a stay home mom since 1998 and since then, I've been practicing my web design and web developing skills. One day, I know, I will run a successful web development firm. Also, I am trying to obtain a bachelor in Information Technology with emphasis in programming. I have a happy family, we go to a small church in the township. God, my family and career have priority in my life. As you can see career is the third, that's why it has been in stand by.
My interests:
Always to learn. I like to learn about humanity, life, and web technology.
How I de-stress:
When you just can't change something, accepted, and do nothing. In long periods of time, always work at your own pace.
Best advice I've gotten:
Career means nothing if the price are your children.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
The gospels.
My favorite movie:
Demetrix, the first one; also The Mirror has two faces.

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