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  • Do you work because you want to work or have to work?

    Answered on 5th December 2007:

    I work because I seem to have an endless creative surge of energy that inspires me every morning. I get enormous pleasure and deep satisfaction in helping people through my workshops or articles. Being a single mother my children come first and then my creative work is tailored around them. If you do what you love the money will definitely follow. Jingle bells Carole

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  • chocolate facials are on my list for next week. Thanks for the tip. My tip: Mud from Rotaruwa! A neighboring country. Check out their info on the website. We got our mud from the Wakawerawera reserve. Yes, it's spelled correctly, It's Maori!

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  • Hello Lovely Carole :)
    So nice to be here. Thanks for the prompt and the link too.

    Sparkly Blessings with minty freshness

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  • Hi Carole,
    It's nice to see you here! We actually sort of have been in contact of the sites I'm involved in, Loving Awareness, participated in a carnival you held at your site. I'm looking forward to sending more time perusing all that you have there!

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  • Hi, Carole -

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to welcome you to our community. I really enjoyed the article you shared about hand yoga - I even printed it out to see if I can get myself disciplined enough to take a break and do one of the mundras.

    Look forward to learning more about you--if you have any questions about the site, please let me know.

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