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My tags:
health, entrepreneur, business owner, christian, reader, kind, help others
About me:
I love to read, share success with others, play with my children, love to clean my home, love the elderly
My interests:
Reading, writing, talking to God, going to the beach
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
stretch, sit down with feet elevated, breathe in deeply through nose and count to 3 and then breathe out through mouth - continue until body calms down - IT WORKS!!! I also like to read at night or early morning when everyone is asleep
Best advice I've gotten:
Only I can work my goals! Work hard today at home and earn residual income that will last me a life time
Adjective to describe me:
Kind, passionate, confident
My favorite book:
Bible and all Joyce Meyers and Max Lucado
My favorite movie:
Ann of Green Gables and Snow Dogs

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