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mother, teacher, christian, friend, student
About me:
I am a mother of three and love being a mother. I love my job as a teacher and I just started going back to school for my Master's in History. I have a wonderful family and husband who support me in all my endeavors.
My interests:
Shopping and Reading
My website/blog:
http://I do not have time to get on many websites unless I am researching lessons for my students of historical information for my college papers
How I de-stress:
I have not figured that out yet...when I get upset I usually clean but that is no fun...and I usually get upset when I am done because...i have 3 kids and nothing stays clean when they are home
Best advice I've gotten:
You can not be 100% all the time at everyhting.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
To many to list...I love reading
My favorite movie:
Love Actually

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