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Breathe......take a breathe before you react. Remember that I don't always have to dead with something right in this moment...i can pause, walk away, come back to it.
Parenting advice I ignore:
Gosh, I don't know...I think I ignore it so I can't think of it. Probably things to do with dinner time. That was a stressful time for me growing up - so I probably am more lax so we can have a relaxing meal.
Favorite activity with my kids:
Popcorn Movie Nights at Home

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  • Hi Laura. It's great to meet you. Welcome to Work it, Mom! Congrats on finding your dream job!

    Ugh. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favs as well. In fact, I'm just rewatching part 2 of the 90s version. But I like the new version as well. I could watch them over and over actually. Maybe you'd like to check out the Work it, Mom! group on tv and movies:

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