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  • how many hours of sleep do you average a night?

    Answered on 28th February 2008:

    I sleep 6-7 during the week and 8-? on weekends. my husband takes saturdays to sleep in and I take sundays

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  • Do you love the community where you live ? Why or why not?

    Answered on 12th February 2008:

    I also grew up a city girl and now live outside of Chicago. I love where I live. The area where I live is multi-ethnic, mixed income and accepting of others and it isn't even a "hippie" sort of "left-wing" kinda place. Which isn't bad if thats what your looking for. It's the kinda place where you can have a cubscout meeting and a Cinco de Mayo celebration all in the same week.

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  • Hi Malena. Welcome to Work it, Mom! So glad to have you here. I've been reading your responses to a couple questions currently up for discussion. I loved what you had to say. Thanks for your contributions. I look forward to reading more from you!

    PS - I'm a moderator for the site. If you have questions/comments just send them my way. We love to get feedback. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 7th February 2008