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teenagers, single mom, child, wahm, organize, wohm, crafts
About me:
Single Mom dealing with laundry, 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 children. Keeping things in perspective and trying my best to get things done and keep everyone happy...including myself.
My interests:
sewing, painting, too many arts and crafts to mention.
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How I de-stress:
Painting or watch a movie with my daughter sitting on my lap.
Best advice I've gotten:
Even if you have the plaege come in to work. The men will get sick and realize how much you were suffering and how badly you needed that sick day they refused you. It worked but I really would rather have a sick day and not get "it" during the second round.
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My favorite movie:
Pride and Prejudice (original)

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  • Hi there! and welcome to Work It, Mom! Thanks so much for joining - glad Elizabeth sent you over:) Can't wait to read your article when it's posted and very excited to have you as part of our wonderful community. I think you will like it here! Nataly

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