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marriage, exercise, children, baby, running, environment, recycling, organic, gardening, vitamins, jesus, air polution, toxic chemicals, poisoning, safe cleaning
About me:
I try to stay fit and enjoy running and pretty much anything that gets my heart pumping. I love to cook and bake. Like to put most anything on the grill. My idea of good tv usually involves spacecraft or mutants.
My interests:
I love to read, run and be outside. I enjoy teaching Sunday school and CPR and First Aid.
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How I de-stress:
Grab a cappucino and surf the net or watch a DVD of my favorite show!
Best advice I've gotten:
Haven't had much advice. All of my friends stay home with thier kids. My Mom worked when we were kids and she said that she didn't consider that her day had started until 5:00 when she got to go home!
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My favorite book:
Deception by Randy Alcorn
My favorite movie:
The Princess Bride

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  • Yes! V is only 19 months old but her newest thing is saying "HELP HELP" when she wants something. You can imagine what that might be like in a grocery store with a little girl yelling "HELP HELP" from a shopping cart. I think it's funny, but onlookers give me strange glances.

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  • Hey girl! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!

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  • Thanks, as you know, that the famous Suken Garden. I see that you also enjoy question is when do you find the time? I am trying to squeeze mine in during lunch hours (5 days a week at YMCA) but often times, I have to takes kids to doctor's apt, teacher conference meetings, etc.

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  • Hi MortonPixie. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I really enjoyed reading your profile notes. I'm a moderator here at WIM, so just let me know if you have questions or comments for us. :) Good for you on training for a 1/2 marathon. Much harder for a mom to do because first you have to make TIME to train, right? Check out our Catch your Breath blog. Blogger Karen is also training for a marathon!
    Have a great day!

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  • Hello! I need to get on this site more. I'm sorry I missed your comment.

    I saw you enjoy teaching Sunday School? Where do you go to church at? My husband, daughter and I go to Christ's Place.

    Have a great day!

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