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young mom, multitasker, young professional, domestically challenged
About me:
28 y/o mama to Cole 12 (almost 13!) and Gavin 4. Engaged(?) to my partner whom I've been with for 7+ years. I work full-time for a small Government contractor doing Business Development/Marketing.
My interests:
I've recently started reading! LOL-Thanks to my long commute.
How I de-stress:
Exercise or a Hot Bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Work to live, not live to work and don't be afraid to say NO!
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Cunt, The Feminine Mistake, PUSH, and Good Night Moon
My favorite movie:
Clueless, The Kingdom, Crash

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  • Hi Ms. Shay, Ha I love it. I'm domestically challenged too! I'm a moderator for Work it, Mom! If you ever have comments or questions about the site, please feel free to let me know:).

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