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entrepreneur, independent, internet marketer, internet marketing coach consultant
About me: Patricia K. Makhulo shares the secret to her Internet marketing success. She is leading a ton of Work-at-home mom's and Frustrated Women MLMers to similar success! Here is the blueprint to generating a substantial income through the Internet. Her journey into the industry began roughly 15 years ago when her dotting mother, determined to become financially secure enrolled to become a Herbal Life Distributor. Of her mothers endeavors, Patricia is quoted as saying, I remember she would try and elicit interest in my brother and I, with promises that if we were dedicated we would reap great benefits. Sadly I thought it very embarrassing and demeaning to peddle material goods to people who did not seem interested and mocked us. Ms. Makhulo has worked with some notable experts in the Internet Marketing Industry and received veritable success. The Renegade Marketer herself, Ann Sieg! Of her Ann says, Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo, sponsored many people every single month with a 25% closing ratio (she sponsored 1 out of every 4 people she talked to)! Patricia knows the secrets to marketing and generating substantial incomes online especially for Work At Home Mom
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Yoga, Pilates, Good Book, A wholistic massage. A hug, good food!
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If you are just not up to it, stay in bed with the vaccuum plugged right in close to your bed...when perfect Mrs. Jones calls...just turn on the vaccuum before you answer the phone...and before you know have a reputation for being one of the most diligent, hardworking women of the street)! Shhhh...don't tell everybody!
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A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose
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  • Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for your comment on my article (A healthy disregard for the impossible). I loved the example you provided!

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  • Hi Patricia. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Welcome – we’re glad you are here. That's a nice photo of you, btw. Lots of personality. :) Have you seen our blogs yet? They are so much fun. Here's one you might enjoy:

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 24th April 2008