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I'm a not-so-everyday mom to a teenager, two pre-schoolers and an infant who is seconds from being a toddler. I work from home, but with the baby being home I rarely get time for much work. One of my favorite things to do is update my blog, which allows me to review products, sites and books as well as make new virtual friends.

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  • Hi Petula. Welcome to Work it, Mom! We're so glad you're here. :) I'm a moderator for the site so please just shoot me a message if I can do anything for you. Hey, I know _exactly_ what you mean when you say it's hard to get anything done with your little one at home. I am in the same boat and it takes such an effort to accomplish any work. Especially writing, which requires a lot of concentration. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you around the site! Here's a group you might like to check out:

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