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public relations, first-time mom, full-time career
About me:
I've always been career-driven, and was a bit behind in getting bitten by the baby bug. We became parents for the first time when I was just shy of turning 33, and the Hubby had just turned 45. (Early 2007) We knew we would both need to keep working to support our little family, but I didn't realize how difficult the balancing act of personal and professional life would become after I added "mom" to one of my titles. I struggle to do as much as I can (you can't truly have it all in life), while still remaining sane. I'm a public relations professional, firefighter (seriously), wife and mother. I'm sure there are a few more titles I'm missing in there!
My interests:
Writing, reading, sleeping, spending time with my husband, child and cat.
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
sleeping, playing with my child, taking a long bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Make every moment of your day count!
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Any of the Anne of Green Gables books and The Great Gatsby
My favorite movie:
Too many to list.

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