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  • How many times a week do you work out and when do you do it?

    Answered on 21st February 2008:

    Even though I never thought I'd be a "morning person", my best strategy is to work out sometime between 6am and 9am. I feel better when I finish my work out, and I also like being showered and dressed for the day by 7:30. I work from a home office, so twice a week I take a 3-5 mile run at 6am before the kids have to get into the shower or get dressed for school; then twice a week I work out in my home gym after they are on the bus. I use a weight lifting DVD that has two 20-minute work out options, and a 10-minute ab workout. Very doable. In all cases, I meet a friend, otherwise the likelihood of me "showing up" is not too good! Scheduling a yoga class one evening a week has worked in the past too. Remember, even twenty minutes is better than nothing!:)

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  • With Halloween candy everywhere, how strict are you about your kids' sugar consumption?

    Answered on 1st November 2007:

    I'm glad to see the comments posted thus far are sensible:) Sometimes, chocolate simply helps me meet my deadlines better! As a "dietitian mom" I happen to have a philosophy of "free choice" in my household. There are Hershey Kisses out in a dish by the front door all year long. It is my theory that kids who have a choice will control their own sugar and junk food cravings, and kids who are deprived or overly restricted of treats, will not have as much control (we can't shelter them forever...). So go ahead and let the kids eat their Halloween candy: They'll choose their favorites, and then the bag will sit. At that point (if you can find it) you can stash it away or put it into a "family community bowl" and then announce in December: "Okay kids, it's almost Christmas. Can we throw away this candy now?" Just be sure you are offering the apples, bananas, salads, or any other fruits and vegetables that your child enjoys- daily. Not to mention an otherwise balanced diet:)

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