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  • I am curious -- what are the issues you care most strongly about in this Presidential election?

    Answered on 6th September 2008:

    Mine are almost identical to SKL's, plus these: While I don't want government healthcare, i do think measures need to be in place for people that can't get health care, or people that are denied coverage even though they can pay the premiums, due to preexisting conditions (my mother, for instance) Education reform is important to me, it needs to be back to state level, while I thought Bush had good intentions regarding NCLB, I don't think it worked out the way he planned. a combination of opening up our natural energy reserves, along with making advances to alternative sources as well. Building just a few extra refineries to handle what we are already pumping would help a great dea, without having to increase the amount of drilling as much as people think?l (do you know that no new refineries have been built since 1976? But the amount of fuel we are using has increased an astronomical amount.)

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  • If you're married, has your husband ever considered being a stay-at-home dad?

    Answered on 30th March 2008:

    I don't think my husband would want to be a stay at home dad. Don't get me wrong, he's a GREAT father. He changed the very first diaper for our very first child, he cooks them dinner, gets their baths, etc. He has never minded anything about being a parent. He's a workaholic though:) He loves to work, he loves his job, and certain times of the year, his job requires 7 day work weeks. Last year, he ended up doing 7 days a week for about 7 months straight. I work outside the house 3 nights a week. After our last child was born, we pulled the 5 year old out of daycare, and I cut my hours back (I was working 6 nights a week). I wanted to decrease my hours anyway, because I never saw my kids. they were in school during the day, i was working at night. 30 minutes in the morning and weekends wasn't enough for me. He was practically raising them by his self even working the hours he was working. He picked Sammy up at daycare and was home in time for Elijah to get off the school bus, helped with homework, got them supper, their baths, play time with daddy, etc. got them to bed, and was in bed before I got home from work. Now, I am home most of the week, but he still gets off early on the days I work, and does all the parentling. He loves being a dad, but he also likes to work.

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  • Hi sonyareads. So loved reading your profile and checking out your (numerous!) websites. Congrats on your weight loss!

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