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toddlers, preschool, stay at home dad, financial, multiples, triplets, texas, young mother
About me:
I am 23 and married with a three year old son Aidan and two year old triplet boys Mason, Wyatt, and Payton. No, I didn't take fertility treatments, they were all a surprise for my husband and I. We love all of our boo boos dearly but MAN! they are a challenge. We constantly struggle financially and emotionally. My husband stays at home right now with them because daycare is so expensive and we can't get him a firefighting job in our area. I work in retail franchise development and I love my job but sometimes wish I could switch with my husband and stay home for awhile. Ideally, I would like us to both work in our careers and have a more comfortable life.
My interests:
Working out and recently running, going to the beach, shopping, cooking new things, baking, playing with my kids, and dream planning.
How I de-stress:
Bath and book, gym, or Ativan :)
Best advice I've gotten:
You don't have to put your career ahead of your family, my career is for my family and as long as it isn't damaging my family then I shouldn't feel guilty for working hard at it.
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My favorite book:
Harry Potter

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