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About me:
25-year old single mother going to school for interrior Design. Lived in madison for 4-years. We love music and Art.
My interests:
When I am with my son we could fish all day. But when I am not with my son i love to Dance and sing and hang out with friends.
My website/blog:
http://A single mother who loves being a mother. I love to expose my child to everything i can think of. We are never in town on the weekends.
How I de-stress:
Drink a cold beer before bed. Then call my best friend to vent to. Who always has the best advise and reminds me how great I am. And if it has been a stressful week I get A sitter and go dancing and don't stop the Whole night. I always feel great the next day.
Best advice I've gotten:
Read to my Child every night. Now he has an amazing vocab.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Dr.Suss I love to make fun voices and play with the words!
My favorite movie:
Beowolf, lord of the rings. 300, I love alot of movies those just come to mind at the moment.

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