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  • Do you ever discuss money with friends or do you think talking about things like who makes what is a bad idea?

    Answered on 25th January 2008:

    Budgets, investments..etc are great things to talk about with friends to varying degrees. If they like investments then I talk more in depth. I don't mention incomes. Though, if I am stressed about an over due invoice I'll tell friends just that. With friends that work on contracts or have start up businesses we get a little more in depth. Because we all have the same issues and see the same problems. We can exchange ideas. It is all based on how long I have known them and if we have similar situations. I also ask them straight out is it o.k. if I mention a bit about a financial issue because they are bothering me. So, I ask first and don't talk long about it, ten minutes, just to get it off my chest. And I think they appreciate having someone that knows where they are coming from when they have issues too. I never mention things to new friends or associates or if they don't have the same kinds of cash flow.

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  • Do you think it's ridiculous to marry for money? Should it be a factor at all?

    Answered on 20th December 2007:

    Finances are the number one reason sited for divorce. I would think if two people have different standard of living then they will not be happy their whole marriage. In fact I think kids would stress this further. I can't imagine having to go to a shelter or food bank to feed my kids. Yes, money is a factor. People who say money-carrier is not important might be happy with any standard of living. Money pays the doctor, pays the bills, pays for vacation & pays for healthier food. How could money not be important? Even Amish keep a stash of cash on hand for emergencies. Marring for big money and only money? Well think of it this way if one wants to marry beauty the other money...maybe they should be together. It would not bother me. T

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