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  • Hi, I just found a website for Nickelodeons Wonderpets! Please check it out, its totally free and its very cool! My 2yo loves it!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by wonderpetsmom on 30th October 2008

  • well i wanted to post a question for all you ladies, but unsure of where i'm supposed to do it.
    how do you show affection for to your children/spouse. how often do you tell them "i love you" ?be honest ladies..and thankyou

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bounette on 28th December 2007

  • always appreciate a good day. bad days are usually right around the corner , for me. i'm sure you can all tell i am not too high in spirits right now.
    but yeah we must always remember not to take good things or days for granted.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bounette on 28th December 2007

  • Welcome, bounette. Five kids - hope you plan on sharing some of your expertise with us!

    We're glad you're a part of the Work It, Mom! community. It is so much fun chatting with the other moms and just generally making friends. The "Talk" page is always a good place to start. Then there are the articles and blogs. Plus you can always just search through all the members and find other women with whom you'd like to connect. Have fun!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 19th December 2007