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About me:
I am crazy busy with my 5 kids, one cat,husband, job,and two businesses. Addicted to: coffee,chocolate,people who make me laugh,the news,and now..the internet. Am currently also in the throes of planning my daughters wedding (late summer!).
My interests:
writing, gardening, watching my amazing kids in their bazillion activities which currently include:all forms of dance,singing,acting,piano,art,and cheerleading.
How I de-stress:
I try, emphasis on the word try, to watch American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance (when they're on, when I'm actually home, and when there is actually enough lack of noise and activity in this house to enjoy it) I also love to read but haven't found the time to read a book since 2006. I am finding this website to be a good alternative. Oh, and I literally love to stop and smell the flowers. I spend waaay to much money on them! Listen to soft jazz.
Best advice I've gotten:
Still waiting for those magic words that will make everything fall into place and flow....
Adjective to describe me:
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