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  • Does anyone here have a husband that works from home? I do! Do you wish he didn't! I love when he has meetings out ALL DAY!.Do you? I wish he was out a constant 2 days a week how about you?

    Answered on 5th June 2008:

    My husband worked from home for 2 1/2 years and he just started going back to the office full time for the last 2 mths. At first I loved him being home b/c he helped with the two little ones, then he started getting on my nerves b/c I noticed my job getting harder trying to keep the house clean and run after the kids. He's not much help with cleaning, but he does alot to keep the outside of the house together. We have a large acre of property surrounding the house and he's very handy if something gets broken. We get to miss each other now, but his commute is hell on our budget (gas & tolls)!

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  • My kid has started crying every day when I leave for my work, she never used to do this before, what should be done to make her feel more independent and happy at home?

    Answered on 5th June 2008:

    Have you always had her at home with a nanny? Have you changed anything about her routine or caretaker? These things would give you a clue as to what may be causing her some problems. Also, I don't mean to go negative, but my first thought would be if something is going on between her and her caretaker. A child's behavior is a great indicator to tell you if there is a problem going on when you're not around. Start off by talking with the caregiver and going over their daily rountine to see if anything's different or has changed. Ask the caregiver if she notices anything different with your child (ie. naptime, eating, pottying, diaper, general behavior) Tell her you've noticed this change and your needing help and answers to get past it or help your daughter cope better. If you suspect that the caregiver might have something to do with your child's change in behavior and your child can talk, encourage a child-friendly dialogue in a quiet play envirnment (away from the caregiver) that would let you into their world. She (especially girls) can use their limited language skills to give you plenty of indicators if there is foul play going on and she is feeling uncomfortable with the caregiver. If you want you can always install the nanny- cams to get footage of their time together. I say this b/c children who are used to a certain routine don't usually rebel against it unless something new has been added to it that leaves them uncomfortable and distressed. The challenge is to find out w/o creating more discomfort with the child and unecessarily indicting the caregiver. You're daughter could also be experiencing some latent separation anxiety and just honestly misses you. Try spending more time with her during the evenings one-on-one and see if that helps. You can also tell her that you will play together or do a special event together when you get home. If this works then you know it was b/c she missed you and you could probably rule out any foul play with the caregiver. But, in any case - you have to become a supersleuth and put together some hidden clues. Let me know how it all worked out.

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  • Thanks for the comment on my note "Big Girl Hang out time"
    I really recommend Girls Hang out day! Sometimes it's nothing more exciting than doing our grocery shopping, and sometimes it's just lunch, but we always have a great time, and they get a chance to be an only child for a little while.
    Have fun!!

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  • Hi Caramel, I love your parenting advice, Think before you act..really awesome!

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  • Just saying HI and happy April!!

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  • caramelsugarberry38-
    Hi! I am having a difficult time leaving you a message. I cannot really see what I am typing- there is something goofy about your page, not sure- maybe your profle is too long? It is covering up most of the page. If you get this, email me at
    I will answer your questions....thanks!

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  • Thanks for the ad! I tried to read your blog and the link did not work.

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  • I was trying to message you but for some reason its not working! If you'd like to talk about ad sharing and/or biz stuff feel free to email me at

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  • Hi,
    I'd like to ask your permission to use your comment from the Q/A Mother's Day --what do you want that doesn't come in a box? It would be published in a fun sidebar in an article for theWAHMmagazine. I'd include your comment, along with your name and city. If it's okay, please let me know.
    Thank you much,
    Susan Graham

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  • Hi caramelsugarberry38. Wow, what a delicious screen name. Scrumptious, in fact. :)

    I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Just wanted to welcome you and let you know I'm here if you have questions/comments. Loved reading your profile. You and your kids have been through a lot!

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