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work from home, ameriplan, extra income
About me:
I'm a 32yr old mom with 6 kids and a wonderful husband at my side. For awhile i was very on happy because i could not go out side of my home to get a job. I miss the workforce, but with my husbands schedule it was impossible. Then i found something that i could do from home still be with my family and help others all at the same time. So i guess you can say i'm back to my old self the person that loves a good football game to getting outside and playing with my kids that includes the biggest one (my husband)..lol
My interests:
Football, Baseball, , Volleyball and a reading a good novel when i get the chance to
My website/blog:
http://Iboplus.com/sshelton, mybenefitsplus.com/sshelton
How I de-stress:
A nice candle lite bubble bath :)
Best advice I've gotten:
Keep work separate from home
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My favorite book:
Romance Novels
My favorite movie:

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