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About me:
I'm Eileen Doll (30), in Seminole, FL. I work full-time telecommuting for a small children's publishing company. I've been married for nearly eight years to my wonderful husband, David and we have a son, Alex (5). We are in the process of adding another child to our family through adoption. Follow our journey to our daughter in China at http://zenofadoption.com
My interests:
Reading, Writing, Travel, Blogging
How I de-stress:
Walk, read, take a bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Be present - when you are working work, and when you are with your kids play.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Mists of Avalon
My favorite movie:

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  • I love the advice about telling kids the truth - that's a really great reminder!

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