Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin

From Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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My tags:
corporate culture, employee engagement, talent, internal branding, corporate values
About me:
I started my $5 million ad agency on my screened porch after my son was born, as a way to be around him during the day. Recently, I've launched a new product to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. (www.startercards.com) Several years ago, I wrote a book on women entrepreneurs called Run Your Business Like a Girl and have since had a strong interest in helping other women start their own companies.
My interests:
Exercise and TV. Several years ago my goal was to run the NYC marathon. The following year my goal was to watch as much TV as possible. Sent my husband out to buy the biggest TV that would fit in our living room.
My website/blog:
www.tribeinc.com www.startercards.com www.hellyesbook.com
How I de-stress:
Time alone. Time with family. Time with a book or magazine. Time with a glass of wine.
Best advice I've gotten:
Whatever schedules or systems you put in place that work now will have to be reinvented at each stage of your kids' lives. What works when they're 2 won't work when they're 3, and so on.
Adjective to describe me:
Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin is the president and CEO of Tribe, Inc., a corporate culture company working with national and global brands to build employee engagement. She blogs at www.goodcompanyblog.com and life-sizedbusiness.com.
My favorite book:
Wow, just one?
My favorite movie:
Crimes of the Heart

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