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mom, wife, gardener, crocheter, farm life
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I live with my husband and two kids on the family farm. I work full-time as a communications coordinator for the University of Florida Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology. I love my job, but being a working mom is a lot of work!
My interests:
gardening, crocheting, reading, kids, 4-H, farm life, church
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http://gardenliving.blogspot.com http://emeubanks.blogspot.com
Best advice I've gotten:
find a daycare that works for you
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My favorite book:
Little Women
My favorite movie:
Dirty Dancing

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  • Hi Emily. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! and I'm just dropping by to say: Welcome! It’s nice to meet you. Like you, I'm a pretty keen gardener and, like you, I'm a brown thumb always looking to learn more! I'm in Tallahassee, FL, so not far from you and in the same 8b zone. Here's a group you might like to check out:

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