Farnaz H.

From Orlando, Florida, United States

Joined 5th February 2008

About me:
I am an animal of reinventing the wheel. Which is why I have chosen to be a consultant. I do management consulting, training and coaching for organizations and execuives. People tell me I am a great analyzer and problem-solver, but I like to think I am the one needing all the counseling in the world.
My interests:
Playing with my little son and Pomi, reading, movies, exercising, discovering cool little restaurants.Love coffee, especially when it is accompanied by good conversation. Love the outdoors and fast sports
How I de-stress:
walking barefoot on the beach, exercising to loud Tiesto music, sleep, massage
Best advice I've gotten:
take care of yourself first
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Roadless traveled
My favorite movie:
Dr. Zhivago

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  • Hi Farnaz. Welcome to Work it, Mom! So glad you are here, and congratulations on finding your dream job. It always makes me happy to meet people like yourself who have realized a career dream and really love what they do. Good for you!

    Given your line of work, you might be particularly interested in the following WIM discussion groups:

    I'm a moderator here, so please reach out if you have comments or questions about the site. Enjoy!

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