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Once upon a time I was a happy married mother of threee and for thirty years, I had two degrees, tow in medical assisting and one a Bachelor's in communications. All that is gone now because I did have friends that I can talk to and be with. Most of them now are either in jail or dead. I know this is not the thing you guys like to read in your blogs, but I feel I need to have someone/something. Thank God i"m not into drugs or worse. I want somekind of life back-something normal. I have chronic back pain and both knees so I can only walk so far. The insurance carrier that we have, I need a copay just to go to them, and you can imagine what that's like. What is even worse, that my mom, and my grandmother who are the world to me, are in failing health. I ave a damn car that I can drive in, but I need 400.00 to get my license back, and THAT WOULD ME SO MUCH TO ME RIGHT NOW, but the social agencies that I go to say they can't help me. My family are going through finances now. and we are so stuck in the box now. Prayer can do so much now. I NEED ACTION, not words. Someone to say to me: "Here's something for you I'm praying for you/ Write a letter. Sometihng to know that when I get up in the morning, It's going to get better. That licence will be a start, but How can I get 400.00 anywhere. My kids are away at school, and they are where they should be: Getting good grades and staying out of bad situati9ns. Well, that all I have to say now, but don't worry , you will hear more from me later.

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