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I'm a mom of 3 (2boys and 1 girl), Ive recently became a stay at home mom due to child care expenses and to go back to school full time. I love to shop but hate to pay store prices and looking for ways to help my family save and not have to go with out.
My interests:
I love to work out, beaches, sunny days, listening to music, reading when I find the time, spending time with my family.
How I de-stress:
Best way for me to relax is to be stress free or at least at the minimal, working out, time out side the home, walks.
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  • Hello dear,

    name is Dorien Mukuna,am a young girl of 24years old,single and never married before,am 5.9ft tall,Slim stature,open minded,honest,trusted,and caring and just to mention but a little.I hope honesty and trust they say build a strong relationship.That is why I have the confident to write you this brief mail.please remember that age,colour or distance does not matter but most important is love

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    Remain healthy

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