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About me:
My husband and I are high-school sweethearts-been 2gether for 11 years. was in college and got pregnant in my 1st year. Got a job at our local hospital. Moved from the hospital to the doctor's office. Was born and raised in Myrtle Beach as was my husband. My whole family is here and we are very tight. My son just started kindergarten this year and BROKE MY HEART!! He continues to amaze me every day. I am young so it's a little hard to find girls my age to relate to.
My interests:
i don't really know. It seems all my time is already occupied. I do like to go to the movies...when I can get there..... every 4-6months
How I de-stress:
go for a walk
Best advice I've gotten:
it's not about you
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
the chronicles of narnia
My favorite movie:
forrest gump

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  • Hi Babs:
    I responded to your comment on "how do you feel about your age." It's on there for all to see, but it's meant for you.

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  • Hi babs. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I'm a moderator here, so let me know if you have questions, okay?

    What a cute photo of you and your little boy! Wow, and you're from Myrtle Beach. How cool! Do you get to the beach a lot?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 29th January 2008