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boss, mom, writer, illustrator, commuter
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I am a working Mom. I work fulltime in NYC in the Advertising industry as a computer graphics manager. I am married and became a mom at 40. Our son, Brian is 7 years old. When I was on maternity leave I wrote my first childrens book, "I have 4 feet he has 2" Its a comparison book about a family dog (maltese) comparing himself to his new baby brother. It took many years and revising before it was published. My second book, "Charlie's First Day in First Grade" got off the ground much quicker. Both these books are available on line at amazon.com I like to write/draw from my life experiences. I grew up in a large family (next book) I have worked in the advertising industry for the past 24 years and now just like Yvette and Beth's book says I'm looking to change carreers. My dream would be to write/draw more childrens books. This looks like a pretty cool website to join. Thanks for having me!
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talking to friends/ going to the pool or beach
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don't worry that you didn't breast feed
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Patterson's books Gross' books the list is too big!
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the one with cops in boston Mat Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio

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  • Hey Nataly,
    thanks your my first! Check out my website, maybe you would like my books! I gotta cut it short the boss just got in!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by janibooks on 4th June 2007

  • Hi there!
    So great to have you here - welcome!
    Just wanted to leave you a note to say that I really relate to what you write about wanting to be a children's book author - I've always dreamed of being an author as well. Creating and working on Work It, Mom! is pretty close, in terms of creativity it requires, but I do hope to write full-time one day.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 4th June 2007