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  • With respect to your kids, what are some things you "absolutely" want to be there for? If you work long or odd hours, how do you prioritize?

    Answered on 7th July 2011:

    My work life is flexible enough that I can manage to be at many events (first day of school, last day of school, sports games, etc.). I try to make one field trip a year so that I am at least putting in some amount of volunteer hours at the kids' school. What I do NOT do is show up for every volunteer opportunity or do the in-class stuff. I often feel guilty because there are moms who are at school ALL THE TIME... but then I have to stop and remind myself that they do not also have jobs. Yes, they are holding down the all-important and amazing and difficult job of full-time motherhood... and believe me, I understand what a tough life that can be in many ways... but the difficulty of that life is a different kind than the difficulty of my own life. There are rewards on both sides, I am sure.

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