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  • Ladies, Today i'm going to check out the hospital where i'm supposed to deliver my child..... I'm a total novice here.... what should i pay attention to? what kind of questions should i ask?

    Answered on 27th September 2007:

    My hospital has all private rooms and also had room service for the parents for after the delivery - including bringing up a bottle of champagne to toast the new arrival! Check to see if your hospital offers any services that you might not expect but might want to take advantage of. Ask about valet parking for you and for your husband. For me, I just wanted to go through the process with my husband and my doctor. I didn't want to become a "teaching case" as my hospital was a teaching hospital connected to two medical schools. I did remember to ask specifically and make sure they marked down that I did not want to have students anywhere near me. I figure if I'm doing all the huffing and puffing, I'm gonna want to do that with my husband and doctor only and not some group of Doogie Howsers taking notes! I should have also prevented the television in the room from being set to any sporting event (except the Red Sox) as I found it very irritating that my doctor and husband sat on the end of my bed watching the BC - Syracuse basketball game while I was in active labor and having contractions a minute apart! You're doing all the work.....so you get to set the rules!

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