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  • If you pump or pumped at work, where did you do it? A dedicated room, office, bathroom?

    Answered on 31st March 2008:

    I pump in our conference room 3 times a day, and I just have enough for my 11 week old daughter for the next day. The room is open-air, so everyone can hear the pump when it's running - sort of embarrassing, but I'm getting over it. I'm planning on breastfeeding 1 year (hopefully!) Thankfully I have a family-friendly enviroment to work in, and they allow me to do this (although I think all jobs should allow you to).

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  • Hi, Kathy --

    I just wanted to say welcome to WIM -- and I read that you want to open a cafe and bookstore one day and wanted to tell you that my husband and I always talk about doing something like that down the line. Or a stationary store, where you can sit and try out papers and pens while having a snack:)

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