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family, writing, blogging, reading, relay for life, brain cancer, acs, coffee, fund raising, aging parents, volunteerism, truffles
About me:
I'm married, 11 years, to a funny guy we like to call HalfBrainBoy (hey, he picked it!) after he had surgery in 2001 to remove a brain tumor which also removed a bit of brain matter... He's doing beyond great. The years following have become my "everything I can do to raise funds for ACS and individuals who are battling cancer" period. A few years back, my beautiful SIL (although I call her my sister) took her incredible truffle recipe and said, "Let's make truffles and sell them as a fund raiser." That year our Relay For Life team became a Platinum team, raising over $11K. We knew we were onto something with those truffles. So last year, we went into business.
My interests:
Reading, COFFEE, writing, photography (but haven't done much lately), COFFEE, blogging, hiking
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How I de-stress:
Best advice I've gotten:
Take care of yourself.
My favorite book:
English Patient so far, but I'm looking for its replacement all the time.
My favorite movie:
I wouldn't know where to start because I seriously love so many movies. Especially when they make me laugh.

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