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Age of children:
9, 13
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Would rather not say
Parenting advice I follow:
I have taught my kids and try to live by one rule of thumb especially (for lots of reasons) and that is we deal with "what is" not the "what ifs" in life. This way I won't let my kids get lost in the worries of "what if this happens mom" and instead we are going to enjoy the life we live each day and make the most of it!
Parenting advice I ignore:
I never tend to be guilty of smothering my kids trying to "over" protect them from every woe in this world... Some thing you have to keep them inside a bubble and away from the troubles and heartaches of this world. It's just not possible... so let them breath, let them run, let them swim, and let them be kids. Bumps and bruises along the way will add character and help them as adults to learn how to get back up after a fall.
Favorite activity with my kids:
Parties. We can make a party out of an ordinary evening by simply serving finger foods for dinner that night and getting out the special serving dishes.... and promising to have popcorn with a movie later....Life can be made special in the little things!

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