From Cloquet, Minnesota, United States

Joined 12th November 2007

Full-time as a Music Teacher at School District
How many hours I work:
More than 40 hours a week
How much I like my job:
I like it
How stressful I find my job:
Pretty stressful
Best thing about my job:
I love working with kids!
Worst thing about my job:
I miss my own kids while I am working with other peoples' kids!
My dream job:
Education Outreach coordinator at a dolphin facility organizing field trips and stuff

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  • Hey there kt. Welcome to the site! You may just be our first member to list bagpipes as an interest. That made me perk up because I'm from the southern part of New Zealand, where most people are of Scottish ancestry. The wailing of the bagpipes is profoundly moving to me. (Do you play?)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 12th November 2007

  • Hi, kt,

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and wanted to say welcome to the community.

    I look forward to learning more about you (where did you learn to scuba?) and if you have any questions about the site, please let me know.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 12th November 2007