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  • Hi Moms! Those of you who have used mineral makeup, please help! I need advice....Which ones are good, and which are not?

    Answered on 24th May 2011:

    I have combination, acne prone, sensitive skin. Talk about a pain in the bottom!! I personally a mark. Representative on the side, so I use their Min-A-Real Cream to Powder Foundation. Before they came out with it, I used Bare Minerals for a long time, and then I switched to the Merle Norman brand. They are both very good. If you have a Sephora store, or a Bare Minerals store close to you, you can go in and have a complimentary application done to see if you like the coverage, find your shade, etc. You can do the same with any Merle Norman location. If you have any questions about the mark. brand of foundation, feel free to ask me or you can go to or my eBoutique at I personally like all of the brands I just mentioned, but of course I promote the one I sell. Good luck! :)

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  • My mind is racing with ideas... Rest is important to maintain a mom's health... So how do you switch it on & off?

    Answered on 24th May 2011:

    That is a tough one. I am "fortuante" that I have Wednesday nights to myself. My son's father and I are divorced, and he spends the night with his father on Wednesday nights. My fiance works out of town during the week, so these are my "testosterone free" nights, as I always put it. I use these nights to eat whatever I want for dinner instead of preparing a full blown meal (I usually stick with something frozen that I can throw in the oven). I watch my favorite TV shows that I miss on their regular nights. We have a garden tub in the master bathroom, so I light candles, run a steaming hot bubble bath, and grab whatever book I am reading at the moment and relax in the tub for as long as possible. I then take care of the rest of my usual before bed routine (putting the dogs to bed, laying out work clothes, etc.) and head to bed. However, I know that not all couples are divorced, and that not all parents pick their children up when they are "supposed" to. But this is how I do it.

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