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About me:
My life is full of joy, even when it's not positive... I push through. I believe life brings you what you share with others, and I'm blessed to have a loving family and fantastic job. Life's not easy, and I look forward to talking with others on our topics... to help and to listen, to vent and to laugh. You know what I mean. ;)
My interests:
Sports, the beach, photography, pursuing a PhD, and socializing with girlfriends are some interests.
How I de-stress:
Laughing with friends always, always helps me relax!
Best advice I've gotten:
Take pictures all the time.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner
My favorite movie:
My Best Friend's Wedding (a sap)

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  • Hi LC. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Welcome – we’re glad you’re here. What a fabulous job you! Oh, and you're not alone: I, too, freely admit to liking sappy movies. :) Have a nice day.

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