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  • LOVE the new picture ;)

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  • Hi

    Thanks for the welcome


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  • mamajama,
    Thanks for the welcome and the 2 websites for blogging and workout. My wellness business is partnered with a national wellness company. We develop and sell natural based products directly to the customer. Everything is shipped right to your door. We have exceptional products which are safer for you and the environment for very reasonable prices, many times less that brand names. I make money each time someone I have referred to the company shops. We are a membership company and until March 20, memberships are only $1 and you receive $100 free products. My web site is

    Check it out and let me know what you think. I always like to hear feedback.

    Live Healthy


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  • Thank you for the welcome and for taking the time to read my story.

    Be blessed,


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  • Hi Mamajama,
    I don't know if you know but someone on this put me on to their website for wahm. I t's a great site. The have different website all located in one place you should check it out. It's called I saw that your looking for some extra cash and that your a english/spanish translator so I thought this would be great for you to look into. go to wahv111.

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  • hey jama ~ I know what u mean about the soaking the beans and picking out the lil dryed ones but if its just u @ ur hubby and ur tired from a long day day with ur sweet lil one i see i would choose fresh green beans they arent that big of a hassle , if u have even 5 minutes to just snap off the ends and drop them in chicken broth for maybe 1 hour YUMMY... geegee

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  • Hi Mamajama,
    I am new to the site. Have you tried to put an add on craigs list. Look up what other people in the area and see what they are charging for lessions. Do it for less. Then you can up you price later. Also send letters to, or go visits some charter schools including pre-schools see if they will let you put out a flier to parents. Charter schools are very into new learning tech. Offer them a first time discount like 50% off. Those are all the things I did to get started. Now I just leave it up to word of mouth.

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  • Thanx for your words of encouragement, coming from an educator it means alot. Hopefully i will be starting within this year i have to start my prereqs first that should take a year or two. Then i apply for the nursing program which should take a couple more years. I will then get my RN and be happy doing what i love to do, take care of people. Thanx again, Oh my husband is hispanic he dont really speak all that much spanish lol maybe you can give him a few pointers. lol

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  • Thanks! I was afraid I wouldn't recognize myself if I changed the picture but nope, there I am!

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  • Thanks so much mamajama for the kind and personal welcome. I've joined the group you suggested and can't wait to see what all I will find on this site. :) -Norma

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  • Hi Mamajama, thanks for your message. I would love to share that story as it was a life changing moment for me (taught me that I am my daugthers best and first advocate) but not sure where to share it (I am not very computer savy) I cant find mamabears on this I missing something? and again, thanks for the kind welcome

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  • Thank you for you invitation. I love that picture of you and your baby. I also have a sister that lives in Kansas City, Missouri. If you have any thing to ask Iam here and I will definitely be asking you for some sisterly advice. Thanks mamajama

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