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  • My inlaws keep my kids2 days a week. Every day they see them they take them to thestore and buy them at least 2 toys each! I mean everytime they have them!!!! My son is doing horrible in 4th grade and I feel like they are rewarding him for bad behavior! M

    Answered on 14th October 2010:

    Wow, this is a common issue! Me too, it was my mother, and she has since admitted to having a shopping dependency. No, I'm serious. But anyway, some things I tried in dealing with my mother spoiling my daughter with many (and I mean at times a dozen or more) gifts every time she saw her: * Told her, "please bring one and only one thing". (Weaning her off the toys slowly.) Then, "Please save TOY gifts for birthdays and Christmas." (Now she had to stick to clothes, books, etc. *Please give her a quarter or something less than a dollar and put it in her piggy bank with her. When she adds this to her allowance you guys can go shopping together for something larger and meaningful that she'll remember she got with you. *Rotate toys. Put 1/2 the toys away every month and bring out the other half. Clean-up suddenly got so much easier. And if you kids protest, let them pick which ones go away - it's only a month! *I'm an elementary teacher and I love that you see the poor message the toys send in response to poor school performance. Ask (beg?) them to tie the toys to good reports from school. Maybe make a chart to keep there, and if he gets X number of good days at school in a row, they can make a special trip to the store to reward him. *If all else fails, write them a letter, and make sure both you and your husband sign it. Be very clear and businesslike about how you feel and what you want, and don't make it a request. These are YOUR kids and ultimately, YOU and your husband decide what goes into their hands, period. This is where I lost it with my mom: she told me she could buy my daughter whatever she wanted. I told her that sounded fine now, but later when I decided that she couldn't have a particular movie or expensive fashion accessory and Grammy bought it anyway, she would not have access to her granddaughter unless it was with me along for the ride, supervising. Yes, it got that bad, and it sounds like it's getting there with your kids too. GOOD LUCK!

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  • I have four boys and having a hard time finding time to work out to get my shape back. My son is now five months, and I still have that ridiculous pouch. I take the stairs at work and I am constanttly moving around at home, Any other tips?

    Answered on 20th September 2010:

    I spend the first half of my lunch hour walking and the second half actually eating lunch. Some days. Other than that...using the kids an an excuse not to be so hard on yourself is always great too.

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  • love love love your lunchroom cheer leader article...May I have permission to use it parts of it for my classroom nack to school letter? It says everything I was looking to say only better. Thanks!

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  • megan thanks for the exercise tip. great advice! lunch time may be the only time i have to work

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  • hello how are u doing today,i am kelvin i am new on here and i came across ur profile and decide to let you know that someone is out there willing to get to know you better and see if we can be friend so holla at me on when u get back online ok......and the picture is really nice ..................................kelvin

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