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small business, work from home, coach, business owner, mentor, flexible schedule, shaklee, living green, own boss, widowed, you wouldn't believe it, crazy life, set your own hours
About me:
Worked in Financial Industry for almost 20 years and left 3 years after my husband died suddenly to be full-time mom at home. Started looking for work locally (I use to work an hour away, which was too far) and met a woman that showed me how I could have my own business. She gave me the opportunity. I consider that the first day of the best of my life. It has changed my life, home, children, health, appearance and outlook about everything.
My interests:
Photography, furniture refinishing, antiquing, the ocean, golfing
My website/blog:,
How I de-stress:
My back yard is my santuary :) I love going out there to read and relax, visit with friends and I do my work from my back yard a lot of times :)
Best advice I've gotten:
You actually can have it all...just don't be afraid to reach for it.
Adjective to describe me:
Widowed at age 40 with two small children. The Best day of my life has to be the day I met Patty and she told me about her home business. I listened and I knew it was an absolute win/win situation and with all the incentive trips, in addition to the a

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