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working mom, puerto rican, parenting toddler
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A mom trying to make it in the modern world. Juggling a career, husband, daughter, household, life, etc etc. One who not only values her family, but also herself. Iâ??m originally from Puerto Rico and my family moved to FL when I was 8 years old. Iâ??ve been here ever since. Iâ??ve been married for 5 years now and we have a beautiful, yet very active 2 year old baby girl (aka the monkey). Have you ever heard a toddlerâ??s perspective of things
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dancing, music, genealogy
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  • Hello Modern Mami. Welcome! We're glad you've joined Work it, Mom! I'm a moderator for the site - please give a yell if I can answer any questions for you, okay? Like you, I live in FL - although I'm in nth FL so quite a ways from Orlando... My daughter is 18mo, and she is very active like your little one. Yikes! Hey, maybe you'd like to check out this group:

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