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  • What's a good age difference between children? (How far apart are your children?)

    Answered on 23rd June 2008:

    My kids are 18 months apart, almost to the day. I think when they were like 1, 2, and 3 or 4, it was hard. I always had two kids in diapers, 2 and at times 3 in carseats, it was crazy. Also, my oldest had his kidney transplant when he was 14 months old and I was 7 months pregnant. When they were babies, it was hard. Now, though, they play together, fight together, defend each other, have similar interests, at least 2 of my kids are always in the same school, and so on. Here's what my take really is. Once you have 3 kids, it's a zoo anyways. If I would have been a little smarter before I had my tubal, I would have thought about how I'm always going to have an 'odd man out' and went ahead and had the 4th kid. I always have that many and more in my house now, so it really wouldn't have made a difference. I think an EVEN amount of kids is more important than how many years apart they are. No matter how far apart in age they are, there are ups and downs. With an odd amount of kids, there's always somebody feeling left out. They do all play together, but let's face it. There is only so much my 12 year old son has in common with my 9 and 10 year old daughter. I know alot of mommies out there disagree with having one more or one less in order to have an even amount of kids, but I'm usually told that I was right in the end. That was actually advice from my grandma that I didn't take.

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  • Do you ever plan a vacation just with your significant other? Would you leave your child behind to get some quality time with your partner?

    Answered on 19th June 2008:

    YES!!! We are going to Niagara Falls next year, and I don't feel guilty. I know my kids will be in good hands, and they know I am coming back. There is no separation anxiety. However, we take the kids places as often as our schedule and finances will allow. I don't know, though, I don't think I could go to Disneyland without the kids. As far as leaving them behind to have time with my husband, once in a while, it's completely necessary. I get lots and lots of quality time with the kids, but not so much with my husband.

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  • Hi Angela--

    Thanks so much for your nice comment! I'm brand, brand new at this, and it felt like the equivalent of moving to a neighborhood and someone bringing over a plate of muffins! :) Let's see, I think you asked how old my kids are? Three girls, 5, 8 and 10 (all will have birthdays this summer-- ack!). Your kids are slightly older, right? I'm loving starting to work again (feel like I'm rediscovering a long hidden side of myself) but am finding it a bit difficult to "change hats". Do you work out of the house?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MargotMama on 18th June 2008

  • Hi Angela,
    I saw you are stressed today - is everything ok? Hope your day gets better!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 17th June 2008

  • It is difficult going green with the family. Have you gone green with your household products yet, like laundry soap, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc.? I did, and I gotta say, my house doesn't smell like my two st. bernard's anymore. Plus, we are healthier. I'm not breaking out in hives anymore or any of that stuff. Check it out. It's awesome stuff, and very affordable. It doesn't cost anymore than going to Walmart or somewhere. My family actually likes it all, too. By the way, the dog will probably like it, too.

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  • Hey, I know exactly what you mean about not having full cooperation when it comes to going green. My husband is really coming around, but when I first started talking about it, you would have thought that I killed his dog.

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  • Hey Angela, Great to meet you. Nice profile! I'm a moderator for Work it, Mom! If you ever have comments or questions, just let me know. Here's a fun blog to check out.

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